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The Drought Portal is a monitoring system with freely available data for drought assessments. It provides access to several apps supporting decision makers at the local and basin level.

Tool overview

The aim is to support existing planning processes as the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis/Strategic Action Programme (TDA/SAP) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) at the basin scale and Water Safety Planning at a local scale through the technical apps. The data is updated in near-real time, and you can use the tool to generate custom reports.  

For video overview: 

Video tutorials

You can also learn more about the tool with the tutorial list on Youtube.


Technical exercises and User guide

Practice and learn from the technical exercises that can be download as pdf files in this Dropbox link or visit the user guide for more in-depth information on the use of the apps and the intended support for the different stages within basin and local level planning.

The Flood and Drought portal is developed by UNEP-DHI, in collaboration with the UNCCD, as part of the Drought Toolbox.

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