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Part Two: The Outlook

GLO part 2

An outlook is a vantage point, a platform, a perspective; it broadens our vistas and allows us to examine our prospects, both present and future. It is within this broader frame of thinking that the Global Land Outlook aims to present a unique perspective on one of the Earth’s most precious assets: land.

As we grapple with the current state of our land resources – a sober reminder of past misuse and mismanagement – Part Two presents both grounds for concern and opportunities for action. It provides a brief overview of how land resources are used today and assesses likely scenarios for how we can sustainably meet the demand for land, and its goods and services, in the future. It focuses on broader policy and practice, the cardinal issues long requiring attention, as well as the emerging concerns that need to be considered in the global public policy agenda.

Part Two explores future scenarios or pathways, outlining a number of forecasts on the production and consumption of land-based goods and services. This is followed by thematic treatments of issues of global concern, highlighting current trends and future solutions.

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