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Overview of LDN Targets

National voluntary LDN targets (original language)

All listed targets should be accompanied by sustainable management of the resource and envisaged to be achieved by 2030.
• Reforest 882.86 km2 of converted forest into other land use/cover types, and rehabilitate/restore all abandoned legal and illegal mineral mining and sand winning sites by 2030.
• Improve productivity and soil organic carbon stocks in 18475.96 km2 of cropland by 2030.
• Rehabilitate/restore 5107.70 km2 of degraded forest, including abandoned legal and illegal mineral mining sites for enhanced productivity by 2030.
• Rehabilitate/restore and sustainably manage 4593.39 km2 of degraded shrubs, and sparsely vegetated areas for improved productivity and reduction in bush/wild fires by 2030.
• Reduce conversion of 45079.72 km2 of remaining forest to other types of vegetation, and halt all illegal mining activities by 2030.
• Increase the soil organic carbon of degraded croplands and rangelands by 66 % (i.e., 1.20 % to 2.0 %) by 2030.

Reference documents
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