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Overview of LDN Targets

National voluntary LDN targets (original language)

• Improve Land Productivity and Soil Organic Carbon stock, in forests, croplands and grasslands;
• Improve the mosaic of the landscape, including forests, other wooded lands, grasslands and croplands and limit their conversion to other land covers;
• Enhance the role of forests and trees in urban and rural areas in providing sustainable products and services.

• Restore forest landscapes through reforestation and afforestation on at least 10,000 hectares;
• Implement Sustainable Forest Management practices on all public forests, and promote the sustainable management of private forests, thus reducing the occurrence of forest fires and the conversion of forests into other land-uses;
• Restore and manage grasslands in high mountain areas on at least 1,000 hectares;
• Promote sustainable agricultural practices on at least 80,000 hectares;
• Enhance the sustainability of cities and towns through the development of urban and peri-urban forestry and the implementation of agro-sylvo-pastoral practices;
• Leverage Land Degradation Neutrality into land-use planning;
• Leverage Land Degradation Neutrality into sectorial policies and strategies;
• Develop financial incentives for the implementation of sustainable land management practices, in line with mitigation and adaptation strategies on climate change and conservation of biological diversity;
• Promote research on sustainable land management;
• Develop partnerships with local, national and international organizations for the promotion of sustainable land management practices and land degradation neutrality.

Reference documents
LDN TSP Country Report 2018 English