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Moldova; Republic of

Overview of LDN Targets

National voluntary LDN targets (original language)

Improving land/soil conservation and ecological restoration of degraded lands and farmland buffer strips up to 100% to achieve by 2030 no net loss of productive land/soils and increase drought resiliency, adaptation capacity and biodiversity services of agricultural ecosystems.

Main interventions:
• Creating a special "recovery fund" for ecological restoration and improving condition and quality of about 880,000 ha of degraded land;
• Creating the green belt of farmland buffer strips for land and soil conservation;
• Increasing the national forest cover up 15% to promote land sector sustainability and to contribute to increasing biodiversity services and carbon stocks in a changing climate;
• Remediating 1,588 sites contaminated by persistent organic pollutants and prevention of new accumulations of pesticides, other hazardous substances and chemicals.

Reference documents
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