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Roster of Independent Experts (RoE)

Roster of Experts

The UNCCD secretariat maintains a Roster of Independent Experts (RoE), based on nominations by Country Parties. The RoE’s purpose is to facilitate access to information and expertise in a variety of fields related to the work of the Convention. Further, Parties to the Convention are invited to “involve the experts on the roster in local, national, regional and global activities related to the implementation of the Convention, including in the validation of best practices” and to “involve experts in the promotion of relationships and networks with the scientific community at local, national, regional and global level, with the support of national focal points” (Decision 26/COP.11).

In 2015, Decision 22/COP.12, inter alia, requested the secretariat to integrate the roster of independent experts database into the UNCCD Knowledge Hub to enable easier and more efficient use of the database. The Knowledge Hub, which was launched in 2016, allows for detailed searches through the Roster.

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