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The Land Potential Knowledge System

The Land Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) is a platform led by the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range, Las Cruces, USA, in collaboration the University of Colorado and New Mexico State University with global partners and primary support from USAID. LandPKS provides tools for assessing and monitoring land productivity, degradation resistance and resilience across the globe.


The LandPKS mission is to support land managers with open-source tools that allow them to:

  1. Easily access knowledge and information
  2. Collect, interpret, and share data about soil, vegetation cover, land management  and wildlife habitats

LandPKS can be used to improve soil health and productivity. It supports all approaches to land management including traditional, regenerative, organic and holistic. LandPKS envisions global access to knowledge for sustainable land management. The team strives to provide practical tools for land managers around the world.

Why LandPKS?

LandPKS recognizes the importance of understanding not only the potential production capacity of land, but also its potential resilience. “Viewing land management through the lens of land potential can support sustainable agricultural production, biodiversity conservation and other ecosystem services by matching land use with the capacity of the land to meet our current and future needs. LandPKS provides the knowledge, training and easy-to-use tools that land managers need to adjust management practices to meet their sustainability goals.”

What tools are available from LandPKS?

  • The LandPKS mobile app allows users to discover the value and potential of their land. They can then use this information to plan and track management actions, monitor soil health and track vegetation indicators over time
  • The data portal allows users to view and edit your data from their computers, explore information about soils anywhere in the world and download public data from around the world
  • The Knowledge Hub is a center for resources about the science and methods behind the app, as well as extensive training materials including a number of videos

Who is LandPKS for?

LandPKS is designed for a wide range of users, including farmers, rangeland managers, researchers, project evaluators, and teachers and students. LandPKS is also currently used in diverse projects across the world, including vegetation monitoring at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya and by public land managers in the United States, land use planning by the Ministry of Agriculture in Ethiopia and is currently being tested for use in agricultural extension in Niger as well as at cacao farms in Ghana.

How can I learn to use LandPKS?

Visit the LandPKS Knowledge Hub to watch training videos, read and download user guides, and learn how LandPKS is used in your region and globally.

LandPKS for education

The LandPKS mobile app can serve an educational tool, allowing students to engage with the soil by learning about soil science and conditions that could lead to land degradation. In cooperation with the UNCCD secretariat, LandPKS has developed a user guide for teachers, together with a range of K-12 educational materials.

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