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Land Potential Knowledge System educational package

The Land Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) provides tools, supporting land degradation neutrality (LDN) project planning and implementation with simple soil and vegetation data collection. LandPKS is being developed as a suite of web-based and mobile data collection tools and analysis technologies. The tools support analysis of land data to plan land use (including restoration) and optimize potential sustainable use of the land in a few simple steps.

The LandPKS app can be used as an educational tool, allowing interested students to truly engage with the soil by learning about soil science and conditions that could lead to land degradation. In cooperation with the UNCCD secretariat, LandPKS has developed an educational package, consisting of a guide for teachers and instructions for students.

The LandPKS app is designed to provide tools for:

  • Collection, storage, access, and sharing of local and scientific data and information, (current tools)
  • Selection and interpretation of management and policy-relevant information to support decision making (under development)

The app is suitable for students, field workers, researchers, or even public to use.

Getting started:

You can download the apps here:

Android App store Apple App store

Or download the guides for teachers:          and the general guide for students here:

Teacher Manual                    Student Guide

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