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About the UNCCD-WOCAT partnership

To disseminate sustainable land management (SLM) best practices, the UNCCD Secretariat is working alongside the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT) to provide a database where specialists can share their best practice technologies.

What is WOCAT?

WOCAT was established in 1992 as a global network of SLM specialists and has more than 2000 registered users, over 60 participating institutions, and around 30 national and regional initiatives. It connects SLM specialists with experts that provide tools and methods for identifying fields of action and enables users to share knowledge of land-resource management.

An agreement between UNCCD and WOCAT was signed on 15 April 2014. UNCCD identified WOCAT as a primary recommended database for best practices on SLM technologies.

The official recognition of UNCCD gives WOCAT a mandate to support the 194 signatory countries in recording their SLM best practices and using the SLM knowledge of stakeholders worldwide – from land users to decision-makers – to improve local land management.

In the area of SLM, WOCAT focuses mainly on preventing and reducing land degradation through Soil and Water Conservation technologies and the implementation approaches.

The aim of WOCAT is to increase the awareness and motivation of planners and decision makers, as well as land users and agricultural advisors. WOCAT hopes to reduce investment failures by providing knowledge support on advantages and disadvantages of available alternatives, based on a wide range of experience in the field.

WOCAT's target group

WOCAT is targeted toward land users who can implement more secure environmental services that benefit the global population at large. The following channels provide access to the target group:

  • SLM specialists at the field level, including technical staff, agricultural advisors and project implementers
  • SLM specialists at the (sub) national level, including planners, project designers, researchers and decision makers
  • SLM specialists at the regional and global levels, including international programme planners and donors.

WOCAT services in a nutshell

  • Offers physical and online training and tools for the whole programme cycle of planning, implementation, review and evaluation
  • Provides a standardised way to document SLM knowledge and hosts a comprehensive database
  • Assists agencies to select SLM measures and to choose options to promote wide adoption and spread
  • Shows how SLM supports land degradation efforts, NRM, watershed management, climate change action, ecosystem restoration and sustainable production

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