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Land Degradation Neutrality Target-Setting Building Blocks


Achieving land degradation neutrality at the global level, a publication produced by the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD

GM LDN TSP Building Blocks

The Land Degradation Neutrality Target Setting Programme (LDN TSP) is assisting countries in making the LDN concept a reality by 2030, by providing practical tools and guidance for the establishment of voluntary LDN targets, accelerating the implementation of transformative programmes and projects, with positive changes.

LDN target setting: the building blocks

Four building blocks form the basis of the LDN target-setting process, developed on the scientific guidance provided by the UNCCD’s Science-Policy Interface and feedback received from countries and stakeholders. They build on the early lessons from the LDN Target Setting Pilot Project with 14 pioneer countries, representing all regions. The building blocks are:

  1. Leveraging LDN: LDN target setting is not a stand-alone process but provides opportunities for coordination across ministries and sectors involved in land management. By finding common answers to: Why does LDN matter? What should we leverage? Who should be engaged? Countries can succeed in leveraging LDN.
  2. Assessing LDN: Assessing the current state of land degradation and its drivers is the basis for setting LDN targets, making informed decisions on what action to take, and tracking progress.
  3. Setting LDN targets and associated measures: LDN targets define a country’s ambitions in terms of combatting land degradation. LDN measures comprise a whole range of interventions to avoid, reduce or reverse land degradation.
  4. Achieving LDN: An enabling environment is a prerequisite for achieving LDN. It makes integrating the LDN concept into national policies easier, and identifying transformative LDN programmes and projects possible.

Every building block contains concrete advise and steps needed to engage in the LDN Target Setting Process. It outlines the stakeholders, expected outputs/outcomes, and information on where and how to find support.

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