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Library mission

Library Mission

The mission of the UNCCD library is to select, acquire and disseminate information materials on the work of the Convention in accordance with the objectives set in UNCCD Articles 16 and 19 of the Convention.

To fulfill this mission, the Library commits to:

  • Understand, support and facilitate the research and learning needs of its users
  • Build collections and create tools to support research and learning
  • Provide access to and promote the discovery and use of local and external information resources
  • Ensure the preservation and long-lasting availability of Library collections and resources
  • Create hospitable physical and virtual environments for study and research
  • Collaborate with other UN agencies on the UN Campus in Bonn to enrich the research and learning community
  • Advance local, national, and international library and information initiatives
  • Develop, encourage, and sustain expertise, skill, commitment and an innovative spirit in servicing library patrons

From the Library Corner

“Why special libraries are the right places to host a Knowledge Management Center” – Eva Semertzaki

They are subject-oriented, they apply the “just-for-you” model instead of the “one-fits-all” model other types of libraries do and they act as mediators and bridges, which connect people together and people with information and knowledge. The management of knowledge is the modern expression of what special libraries have been doing in the course of their history: they gather, organize and distribute information and knowledge created internally and externally.

Libraries Driving Access to Knowledge

I am passionate about libraries and the knowledge and creativity they cultivate. It was Umberto Eco who said that ‘‘If God existed, he would be a library’.’ I’ve also heard it said that librarians are the original search engine and I couldn’t agree more with this compliment. We live at the edge of an era, which could make nearly all human knowledge available anywhere, anytime. – Neelie Kroes

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