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LDN in mountain regions

Protecting mountain ecosystems, promoting sustainable use of natural resources and ensuring food security are all global priorities. SDG 15 aims to advance actions that ensure sound and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems by controlling land degradation and maintaining a healthy vegetation cover.

In 2018, the Global Mechanism and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat (MPS) engaged in a study to evaluate the actual and potential impacts of the  underlying causes or stressors of vulnerability in mountain regions.

This ongoing collaboration aims to inform the international and national stakeholders about the risks associated with the increasing frequency and intensity of natural hazards. Combined with the lack of services and infrastructure in mountain areas, they increased food insecurity, threaten livelihoods and the environment. Pinpointing areas where the combined effects of these stressors are particularly intense should help governments to set priorities and develop policies to control land degradation, preserve mountain ecosystems, improve infrastructures and services, and build the resilience of communities.

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