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SDG15.3.1 data

statistica annex

Data on SDG Indicator 15.3.1 are regularly collected by the UNCCD through its national reporting and review process since 2018, and every four years thereafter.

Data underpinning the indicator and its sub-indicators are mainly derived from Earth Observation data sources which have global coverage and can be disaggregated to the national level.

Through the UNCCD reporting and review process, countries receive default national estimates of land degradation and its sub-indicators derived from global data sources. The provision of default data is aimed at facilitating national reporting and meeting a perceived data capacity gap. Countries are given the opportunity as well as tools necessary to interpret and verify national estimates derived from global data sources and, eventually, replace them with other national data.

During the 2018 UNCCD reporting process, the sources of default data were:

Download SDG Indicator 15.3.1 data

If you want to explore the data yourself, you can download all data directly from the Global SDG Indicators Database (select 15.3.1 in the table and click download)

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