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Guidance on TPP development

To support country-level project developers and their partners in the design of effective Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) transformative projects and programmes (TPPs), the Global Mechanism, in collaboration with the secretariat and the Science-Policy Interface of the UNCCD, has developed a voluntary checklist for the following main features of LDN transformative projects and programmes that encourage innovation, ensure cohesion in the implementation of LDN and support positive transformation:

  • Ensuring transformation and innovation by translating the LDN Scientific Conceptual Framework into practice, including the LDN response hierarchy to avoid, reduce and reverse land degradation and the principle of counterbalancing where losses are balanced by gains in land-based natural capital
  • Promoting responsible and inclusive governance through gender equality accountability and transparency.
  • Ensuring sustainability through conducive policy environment to deliver multiple environmental, economic and social benefits and enhancing (sub)national ownership and capacity
  • Leveraging innovative finance, especially from the private sector

The LDN TPP operational guide, intended for policy-makers, technical experts, international organizations, civil society organizations and the private sector, presents all relevant information related to the development and implementation of LDN Transformative Projects and Programmes. 

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