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Land Use Planning

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Global Land Outlook Working Paper
Graciela Metternicht
Land Use Planning

This working paper analyzes the role of land use and spatial planning tools, processes and approaches to improve socio-economic opportunities through sustainable management of land resources (i.e., soil, water, and biodiversity). Section 1 explores the nexus between land use planning and changes in the land system, as well as interdependent factors which influence land use planning.  Section 2 briefly describes the evolution of different land use types over time, and the basic requirements of land use planning.  Principles of best practice in land use planning for sustainable land use and management are identified, and case studies of land use policy, built upon these principles, are presented in Section 3. The final section presents evidence of contributions of land use and spatial planning to sustainable land use and management, as well as to the improvement of economic opportunities and the strengthening of land governance.