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100% renewable electricity in reach by 2050

If you think a world powered by 100% renewable electricity – and significantly cheaper than today’s – is an impossible dream, there’s a surprise in store for you. A new study says it’s already in the making

A global transition to 100% renewable electricity, far from being a long-term vision, is happening now, the study says. It is the work of Finland’s Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the Energy Watch Group (EWG), and was published at the UN climate change conference, COP23, which is meeting here.       

The authors say a global electricity system based entirely on renewable energy will soon be  feasible day in, day out, at every moment throughout the year, and would be more cost-effective than the existing system, based largely on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Current renewable energy potential and technologies, crucially including storage to guarantee a constant power supply, can generate sufficient secure power to meet the entire world’s electricity demand by 2050, they argue. With political backing it could happen even sooner.

The study is a challenge for policymakers and politicians, the authors say, as it refutes an argument frequently used by critics of renewable fuels – that they cannot provide a full energy supply on an uninterruptible basis. – Climate News Network . Read the full article here