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The 2018 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: shaping the health of nations for centuries to come

The Lancet Countdown: tracking progress on health and climate change was established to provide an independent, global monitoring system dedicated to tracking the health dimensions of the impacts of, and the response to, climate change. The Lancet Countdown tracks 41 indicators across five domains: climate change impacts, exposures, and vulnerability; adaptation, planning, and resilience for health; mitigation actions and health co-benefits; finance and economics; and public and political engagement.

The focus is on:

  • Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public health
  • Human health: impacts, adaptation, and co-benefits.
  • Better growth, better climate: the new climate economy report. The synthesis report
  • Safeguarding human health in the Anthropocene epoch: report of The Rockefeller Foundation–Lancet Commission on planetary health.
  • The Lancet Countdown: tracking progress on health and climate change.
  • Managing vulnerability to drought and enhancing livelihood resilience in sub-Saharan Africa: technological, institutional and policy options.
  • Understanding: the drought phenomenon: the role of definitions

Prolonged drought remains one of the most dangerous environmental determinants of premature mortality, resulting in reduced crop yields, food insecurity, an malnutrition (which in turn leads to life-long stunting, wasting, and eventually death when experienced by young children).3 The spread of water-borne disease, reduced availability of potable water, and migration as a result of reductions in arable and habitable land often compound
to further wear away at the resilient capacity of populations

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