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2030: Smart engagement with business. GREAT Insights Magazine - Volume 5, Issue 5. October/November 2016.

Engaging the private sector has become a common motto for the development community. This, in itself, is a major evolution, as private forces have too long been dismissed, when not chastised, by many development actors! It is now well recognised that the vast majority of employment is provided by the private sector, which plays critical roles in production, investment, innovation, technology, services and finance provision. It can also be a major social actor, which can contribute to accelerate sustainable development and prosperity for all.


Mobilising the private sector for sustainable industrialisation
LI Yong, Director General, UNIDO
Inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and the private sector must be a high policy priority.

The European External Investment Plan: An innovative new chapter
Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative and Vice-President, European Commission; Neven Mimica, EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development
With the External Investment Plan, the EU is taking its development policy to the next level. As it steps up its financial commitment to sustainable development, it also needs the private sector to get on board. Together with its partners in Africa and its Neighbourhood, they can help their young generations achieve their full potential.

Agro-industrial parks key for Ethiopia’s industrial policy

SDGs changing the way we engage with the private sector

Promoting private sector development by development partners

Mobilising private capital for sustainable development: Emerging trends and lessons

Supporting private sector with development funds: Putting the cart before the horse?

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Women and entrepreneurship in Africa

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A territorial approach to multi-stakeholder partnerships

Africa’s growing tech hubs and smart cities

Fast-tracking connectivity solutions through private-public partnerships in Africa