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6 Issues to Watch at the Clean Energy Ministerial

Representatives from countries accounting for 90 percent of the world’s clean energy investment and 75 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions—including the United States—will gather in Beijing this week to discuss how to scale renewables, improve efficiency and cooperate on clean energy initiatives. The eighth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM8) in Beijing brings together energy ministers and high level decision-makers from 24 countries and the European Commission. Together with technical experts and private sector leaders, these officials will join in three days of closed-door roundtables, technology exhibitions, keynote addresses and more.

For the world’s only major multilateral forum on clean energy, it’s a year of transition. Several member countries have new political leadership, and the CEM secretariat has shifted from the United States, where it had been housed for the last eight years, to the multilateral International Energy Agency (IEA).

Here are six issues to watch at CEM8:

1. What new multilateral partnerships will emerge?

2. How will the United States engage on a clean energy agenda its leadership has rejected?

3. What vision will Chinese leaders bring?

4. Will ministers build on private sector demand for clean energy?

5. How will CEM8 advance energy efficiency?

6. How to fill the innovation and R&D funding void?

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