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African Studies Abstracts Online 57 (2017) has now been published and is available in Leiden University repository

African Studies Abstracts Online 57 (2017) has now been published and is available in  Leiden University repository

Earlier issues can also be found here:

African Studies Abstracts Online is published quarterly and provides an overview of journal articles and edited works on sub-Saharan Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities. All publications are available in the library of the African Studies Centre in Leiden, The Netherlands. Many are accessible full text in the library's online catalogue at Clicking on the title of an article or edited work in ASA Online brings you via the ASCLink to the full text if available (subject to access restrictions).

ASA Online covers edited works (up to 50 in each issue) and journals in the field of African studies. Some 260 journals are systematically scanned from cover to cover. Just over half are English-language journals and just under a quarter are French, with the remainder either German, Afrikaans, Dutch, Italian or Portuguese. Almost 50 percent of the journals are published in Africa. Periodicals not scanned are newspapers and weeklies, popular magazines, current affairs bulletins, statistical digests, directories, annual reports and newsletters.

All articles in ASA Online are available in the online catalogue of the ASC library at, which also includes articles from journals not covered by ASA Online. Not selected for inclusion in either ASA Online or the ASC library catalogue are articles shorter than three to four pages, articles whose subject is marginal to the ASC library's collection profile, articles in the field of literature dealing with only one work, purely descriptive articles covering current political/economic developments, which could be expected to become quickly outdated, and review articles and book reviews.