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Agronomy for Sustainable Development. A journal of the French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE)

ASD publishes original articles, meta-analyses and review articles. Original articles should demonstrate a clear scientific breakthrough versus current knowledge. Contributions may be on either methodological approaches or approaches addressing major issues in the scope of the journal. Review articles report a critical evaluation of emerging topics. It covers topics among which: Agriculture and climate change; Agroecology for ecological intensification and ecosystem services; Preservation of natural resources; Sustainable food systems; Soil management and land use; Sustainable food systems ; Innovative farming systems and techniques; Covers topics from farming systems to agroclimatology, food safety to social issues and many more .

The journal has also a good number of open access articles , see some here:

  1. Agroforestry delivers a win-win solution for ecosystem services in sub-Saharan Africa. A meta-analysis
  2. Yield and labor relations of sustainable intensification options for smallholder farmers in sub‐Saharan Africa. A meta‐analysis
  3. Structuring Markets for Resilient Farming Systems
  4. Diverse approaches to crop diversification in agricultural research. A review
  5. New perennial grains in African smallholder agriculture from a farming systems perspective. A review
  6. Characterizing diversity of food systems in view of sustainability transitions. A review
  7. Bridging the disciplinary gap in conservation agriculture research, in Malawi. A review
  8. Legume-based rotations have clear economic advantages over cereal monocropping in dry areas
  9. Legume-based rotations have clear economic advantages over cereal monocropping in dry areas
  10. Gobi agriculture: an innovative farming system that increases energy and water use efficiencies. A review
  11. Enhancing agroecosystem productivity with woody perennials in semi-arid West Africa. A meta-analysis
  12. The environmental sustainability of insects as food and feed. A review
  13. Carbon management in dryland agricultural systems. A review
  14. Using our agrobiodiversity: plant-based solutions to feed the world
  15. Assessing the productivity function of soils. A review
  16. Agronomy for sustainable agriculture. A review

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