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Atlas of Vulnerability and Resilience

Vulnerability and resilience are concepts, which help to better understand emergencies, crises and disasters. But what has already been found out where, how and from whom? The pilot version of “Atlas of Vulnerability and Resilience” takes the reader on an expedition to different areas of research and application of vulnerability and resilience. The atlas serves not only as a knowledge platform for those interested, but also as a mediator between science and practice in civil protection. It is conceptualised so that information and knowledge are immediately available to a heterogeneous audience. Because it is often not that information and knowledge are missing – but access to them.

This atlas aims at supporting knowledge sharing on the field of vulnerability and resilience research. The atlas is an overview on studies on different aspects of vulnerability and resilience and covers the area of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Knowledge and information are key in civil protection. The availability of comprehensive information plays an important role for an immediate and professional response when managing crises, but is just as important for crisis preparedness. Previously, the lack of awareness and unavailability of knowledge or information within and between different user groups and organisations within the field of civil protection has hampered the efforts made in the field of disaster risk management (DRM).

To counter such difficulties, the project “Feasibility study for an Atlas of Vulnerability and Resilience” takes a close look at how existing knowledge in the context of civil protection / DRM can be made more accessible and available for the various stakeholders. Subsequently, the different perspectives and opinions of targets and user groups will be taken into account (governmental, non-governmental, private industry, public).

The main focus of the project is to identify the different possibilities of cross-organisational, trans- and interdisciplinary knowledge management. This part of the study is accompanied by a pilot product, the “Atlas of Vulnerability and Resilience” (Atlas VR), covering two prominent topics in the field of civil protection. In this context, existing and available scientific and organisational studies will be identified, catalogued and placed at the different user groups’ disposal. These will be processed with regard to the requirements of the respective target groups.

The next step focused on the different possible approaches towards permanently implementing, updating and propagating the Atlas VR in different media channels. Furthermore, the feasibility of other knowledge-management methods in DRM-related fields will be discussed.

The project is funded by the German Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Inneren), mandated by the German Federal Parliament. Project partners are the University of Bonn and the Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

Atlas of Vulnerability and Resilience Project Duration: May 2015 – April 2016