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CAIT Climate Data Explorer

During the coming months, countries around the world are expected to release details about the climate action plans they intend to implement after 2020. Known as intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs), these plans will form the basis of a new international climate change agreement, set to be finalized during a high-level climate summit in Paris in December (COP 21).

Today, WRI is launching its CAIT Paris Contributions Map, a new tool on the CAIT Climate Data Explorer, for tracking and analyzing these INDCs. Within hours after countries submit their contributions to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), WRI will translate the mitigation-related elements of country plans into a uniform format on the map, making it easy for users to explore what information countries have submitted, how countries’ plans compare to one another and where more information can be helpful.

Try out the tool below or open it in a new window the information is updated on an hourly basis...