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Climate Solutions: Best practices and success stories in ecovillages facing climate change.

Climate Change is a global phenomenon that affects the world in diverse ways, based on the fluctuations in your area and your geography.

Problems range the spectrum in extremes, include drought, flooding, crop destruction, dangerously high temperatures, larger and more powerful storms, refugees, regional conflicts, more vectors of disease, disruption of utilities, infrastructure damage, economic turmoil, etc.

With so many massive problems that we face, we must pull together, and the solutions must be holistic in sustainability design.

Ecovillage Responses to Climate Change

Thousands of ecovillage communities around the world are taking action and creating solutions to face the challenges confronting us due to climate change.

This includes solutions to both help us reduce our carbon imprint, as well as measures to become more resilient to the challenges of climate change.

These actions range from developing and implementing green building practices, to climate friendly agriculture, restoring the natural environment, sequestering carbon and greenhouse gases through biochar and soil restoration, protecting and regenerating local water cycles, installing renewable energy and appropriate technologies, and responding to emergencies and crises with resilient and regenerative planning and rebuilding practices.

Below are featured many of the best examples of what is being done around the world in ecovillages and by the ecovillage community to do their part in solving the climate crisis.

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Refugees & natural disasters
Renewable energy & appropropriate technology
Natural building & climate friendly architechture
Permaculture & climate frindly agriculture
Biochar sequestration
Reforistation & environmental restoration
Water retention landscapes & restoring water cycles

Who is the Global Ecovillage Network?

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) catalyzes communities for a regenerative world. GEN is a growing network of regenerative communities and initiatives that bridge cultures, countries, and continents.

GEN builds bridges between policy-makers, governments, NGOs, academics, entrepreneurs, activists, community networks and ecologically-minded individuals across the globe in order to develop strategies for a global transition to resilient communities and cultures.

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