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Deserts and Desertification. Encyclopedia

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Just published:  Deserts and Desertification. Encyclopedia 

The book is a dedication to the 20 years anniversary of the UNCCD coming into force in 1996 and 40 years anniversary since the United Nations Conference on Desertification in 1977, a concerted effort of scientists from Russia, China and Israel.

The encyclopedia provides the holistic overview of deserts and desertification phenomenon, particularly information about drylands and their diversity, about the history of their study and development, as well as about practical solutions for improving people's livelihoods in drylands.

The publication is devoted to the deserts of the world and desertification as a global phenomenon of land degradation. Encyclopedia contains more than 1000 articles, which describe the deserts of the world; Large lakes and transit rivers crossing the deserts; general terms on climate, vegetation, geomorphology, desertification, desertification indicators; National and international institutions dealing with the study and development of deserts; leading international journals covering arid topics; atlases, maps, programs and methodological provisions for the development of deserts; major international events related to desertification; countries  where the deserts occupy more than 50% of the territory; hydrotechnical objects and projects, both realized and planned, which are of paramount importance in the development of deserts; known scientists-desertologists of the world; outstanding travelers who left their mark on the world's desert science; international conventions, treaties and agreements; fundamental works that played a special role in the development of desert science; National reserves and specially protected areas of deserts; some interesting facts related to deserts: rally, desert equipment, outstanding architectural solutions, feature films, etc.

The encyclopedia is intended for scientists, specialists involved in the study of deserts and desertification processes, university students, students of schools and colleges, and anyone who is interested in this topic. 

Пустыни и опустынивание: энциклопедия (Зонн И.С., Куст Г.С., Орловский Н.С., Ши Пей Чжун, Тянь Юй-Чжао). Published in Russian Language only. ( Zonn I.S, Kust G.S, Orlovsky N.S, Shi Pei Zhong, Tian Yu-Zhao. Russian Geographical Society; Publishing House International Relations; Moscow, May 2018)

Deserts Encycloped