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The Development and use of biodiversity indicators in business: an overview

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has published a paper on the process of development and use of biodiversity indicators in business. The publication is designed to help businesses integrate biodiversity into their activities by showing them where to start and how to identify existing indicators that could help measure and track their biodiversity performance.

The publication titled, ‘The Development and Use of Biodiversity Indicators in Business: an Overview,’ is aimed at businesses and practitioners already involved in the development of biodiversity indicators that are being created to provide context around the additional business applications where biodiversity indicators may be required for current or future business needs. The paper also targets businesses only starting their journey in exploring their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity.

The paper also introduces a spectrum of business applications for biodiversity indicators. This spectrum outlines four prominent scopes for business applications of biodiversity indicators, which range from site- and corporate-level assessments of biodiversity performance to third-party biodiversity performance assessment