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European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT)

The European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT) is a partnership between the European Commission (DG CLIMA, DG Joint Research Centre and other DGs) and the European Environment Agency.

CLIMATE-ADAPT aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change. It is an initiative of the European Commission and helps users to access and share data and information on:

  • Expected climate change in Europe
  • Current and future vulnerability of regions and sectors
  • EU, national and transnational adaptation strategies and actions
  • Adaptation case studies and potential adaptation options
  • Tools that support adaptation planning

CLIMATE-ADAPT organizes information under the following main entry points:

  • Adaptation information (Observations and scenarios, Vulnerabilities and risks, Adaptation measures, National adaptation strategies, Research projects)
  • EU sector policies (Agriculture and forestry, Biodiversity, Coastal areas, Disaster risk reduction, Financial, Health, Infrastructure, Marine and fisheries, Water management)
  • Transnational regions, Countries and Urban areas
  • Tools (Adaptation Support Tool, Case Study Search Tool, Map Viewer)

The platform includes a database that contains quality checked information that can be easily searched.

The database contains quality checked information and is annotated by climate adaptation experts with keywords.

Search the database using the keywords field below and filter the results using one or more of the filters from the left side bar

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos for users coming from different areas of interest are available to explain the access to the information available on Climate-ADAPT. Users who would like to get a quick overview on the features of the platform should watch the "Overview" video. Users particularly interested in information on adaptation at national level should select the video "National governance". Users who need in particular information on urban adaptation are invited to watch the video on "City governance". Users who would like to know how to use sectoral information on adaptation can watch the videos on "Coastal management" and "Water management".