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Foodsource-A free and evolving resource to empower informed discussion on sustainable food systems.

Foodsource is an open and expanding resource for information on sustainable food systems, led by the Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) at Oxford University, and developed in collaboration with our partners and supporters.

Foods systems are at the heart of many of the humanity's greatest challenges. We believe that to address these, common understanding is needed as the basis for collective and effective action - across disciplines, sectors, and cultures.  

Foodsource's purpose is to build the foundations for this understanding and for change towards more sustainable food systems, by expanding food systems literacy. 

Our aim in developing foodsource is to provide users with accurate, clear, accessible and agenda-free knowledge about food systems and sustainability. 

foodsource consists of 11 informally peer-reviewed chapters providing a clear, accessible, balanced and scientifically robust overview of the many interlinked social and environmental issues related to our food system.

foodsource is free to all to use: we hope it will be of interest to students, teachers, lecturers and researchers as well as civil society organisations, those involved directly in the food industry and policy makers.


Building blocks : What is food security? ; What is animal welfare?; What is land use and land use change?, What are food systems?Building blocks provide accessible introductions to the most important ideas for understanding food system sustainability. Each building block is reviewed by subject experts and includes key definitions, a clear explanation of the idea, and links to curated resources for further learning. ( Contact Samuel Lee-Gammage, Research and Communications Officer , Food Climate Research Network  - FCRN, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford,

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