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Future of Water-As shortages worsen, safe drinking water and affordable sanitation is recognised by the United Nations as a human right

Water shortage is one of the greatest global threats, with one in two people set to face water stress by 2025. But new legislation and smart use of emerging technologies could help. The Future of Water report, published in The Times, explores how Nasa satellites, the United Nations and British beermakers are all playing their part in conserving water. Also featured is comment on possible risk to water supply posed by nationalisation and an infographic charting access to clean water around the world. Read more about:

  • Top global risks in terms of impact. Water has remained a top-five risk for the past seven years
  • Water Access: Finding a safely managed source of water is a daily challenge for more than two billion people worldwide, and water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid are still to blame for the deaths of one million people each year.
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How thirsty is our food?- Litres of water required to produce 1kg of the following products:

  • Beef -15,415
  • Nuts- 9,063
  • Sheep/goat meat -8,763
  • Pork -5,988
  • Chicken meat -4,325
  • Eggs -3,265
  • Cereals -1,644
  • Milk -1,020
  • Fruit -962
  • Vegetables -322

Read the full report Future of Water