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Global assessment of pressures on soil biodiversity

The JRC’s Soil Team is working on the first global assessment of the impacts on soil biodiversity of both anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic pressures. To reach this goal, JRC carries out a survey to incorporate expert judgements. The result of this survey will allow to rank the main pressures on soil life and map their distribution at the global scale. Responses to the survey are essential for determining how to weigh each pressure in the cumulative impact maps that will be produced. Therefore, your participation in this process is highly appreciated.

The survey consists of five main sections, and should take approximately 30 minutes to complete:

- PART I: Biographic and professional information;

- PART II: Scenario comparisons to assess the relative importance of the impact of different pressures;

- PART III: Rating the pressure effects of each impact component based on how much they impact your reference group(s) of soil organisms in your reference biome(s);

- PART IV: Ranking of specific pressures based on how much they impact the group(s) of soil organisms in the biome(s) with which you are familiar;

- PART V: Data availability for map validation.

Contact person: Al­berto Orgiazzi (alberto.orgiazzi [at]

Here is the link to the survey: