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Global Early Warning – Early Action Report on Food Security and Agriculture

This forward-looking report highlights major disaster risks to food security and agriculture in the indicated reporting period. When a new emergency or deterioration of the current situation is very likely and might have severe impacts, it is indicated as “high risk”. In the case of moderate to high likelihood and moderate or significant impact, the risk is listed as “on watch”. Ongoing humanitarian crises, such as protracted emergencies, are not highlighted in this report unless a deterioration is likely. For an overview of all ongoing humanitarian emergencies, please refer to the map below or same map is also on page 24.

The Global Seasonality Map provides overview of the agricultural and climate seasonality of the countries highlighted in this report. The agricultural seasons are country-specific and provide an insight into the status

of the main (staple) crops during the reporting period. The climatic areas provide a general overview of regional weather patterns as well as tropical cyclone basins relevant to the reporting period.