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Global Land Outlook- support our THUNDERCLAP action

We are very excited to be launching the first ever Global Land Outlook, a comprehensive yet accessible report that connects the seemingly unrelated impacts that land management has on our daily lives. 

The official launch will take place at UNCCD COP 13 in Ordos, China on 12 September 2017.

To celebrate our flagship publication, we would ask you to support our THUNDERCLAP action (either by Facebook or Twitter, wherever you have the most followers) in order for us to be heard by the widest possible audience.
As a token of our appreciation for your support, we provide a link to an advance preview of the Outlook

Land is an essential building block of civilization yet its contribution to our quality of life is perceived and valued in starkly different and often incompatible ways. Conflicts about land use are intensifying in many countries. The world has reached a point where we must reconcile these differences and rethink the way in which we use and manage the land.

Our ability to manage trade-offs at a landscape scale will ultimately decide the future of land resources – soil, water and biodiversity – and determine success or failure in delivering poverty reduction, food and water security, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Indeed, sustainable land management is an accelerator for achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

While we are at a critical juncture, and approaching and surpassing planetary boundaries in terms of pressure on land and its resources, the evidence presented in this first edition of the Global Land Outlook demonstrates that informed and responsible decision-making, along with simple changes in our everyday lives, can if widely adopted help to reverse the current worrying trends in the state of our land resources.