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Global Online Access to Legal Information (GOALI) launched 6 March 2018

ILO launches online access to legal research and training for developing countries 

Researchers, law students, policymakers, judges and legal experts in low- and middle-income countries can now get free or low-cost online access to legal information and training from the world’s leading academic publishers.

Global Online Access to Legal Information 

Launch of a new programme providing access to legal research and training in developing countries.

What will be available?

  • Academic and professional peer-reviewed journals, publications and databases in selected subject areas of law from the world's leading academic publishers.

Who will have access to GOALI?

Registration for GOALI is already open

  • Governmental, research and not-for-profit institutions from eligible countries are encouraged to register for GOALI on the Research4Life website . GOALI live from 6th of March 2018. How to register?  


GOALI is a public-private partnership of the International Labour Organization (ILO) as a UN agency, together with Brill Nijhoff, the International Training Centre of the ILO and academic partners Cornell Law School Library and the Lillian Goldman Law Library at Yale Law School.

GOALI is one of the five programmes that make up Research4Life.