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Global Rainfall Erosivity

JRC has collected data on rainfall erosivity from 3,625 meteorological stations in 63 coun­tries to establish the first ever Global Rainfall Erosivity Database (GloREDa). Quantifying rainfall erosivity is challenging as it requires high temporal resolution(1-60 minutes) and high fidelity rainfall recordings.  In collaboration with 31 scientists and 100+ organiza­tions, JRC has developed the global erosivity map which was published in Nature Group’s Scientific Reports

The highest rainfall erosivity is found in South America (especially around the Amazon Basin) and the Caribbean countries, Central Africa and parts of West­ern Africa and South East Asia. The lowest values are in mid- and high-latitude regions such as Canada, the Russian Federation, northern Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and southern Australia. The R-factor map at 30 arc-sec resolution is available for free download in the ESDAC: 

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Fig. 2: (a) Global distribution of rainfall erosivity stations (red dots) compiled in the Global Rainfall Erosivity Database (GloREDa); (b) Distribution of rainfall erosivity stations by continent