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Got Climate Questions? Climate Watch Has Answers

Negotiators and stakeholders headed to Bonn, Germany, for next week’s UN climate summit continue to confront a range of questions surrounding one essential query: How do we meet the imperative to lower greenhouse gas emissions now — quickly — to minimize the most severe impacts of climate change?

To address this challenge, World Resources Institute and partners launched Climate Watch, a new data visualization platform. Climate Watch brings together dozens of datasets for the first time in an online platform that lets policymakers, researchers, media and others analyze and compare national climate pledges under the Paris Agreement, access historical greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data, discover how climate objectives can help achieve sustainable development goals, understand linkages between climate risks, poverty, vulnerabilities and readiness to adapt to climate impacts and use models to map new pathways to a lower-carbon future.

1) How have global emissions changed?

2) What are countries doing to address climate change?

3) How can countries link climate goals with sustainable development?

4) What can countries do to reach their climate targets?

With analytical tools and access to the latest climate data, Climate Watch is a powerful tool to help countries meet the climate challenge. The platform will continue to improved and expanded over the coming years, with new tools, more robust data sets and information about national policies and legislation – such as carbon pricing, climate finance, adaptation measures and more.

Try Climate Watch out for yourself and see which of your climate questions it can help answer. Visit