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Governance in the Extractive Industries. Power, Cultural Politics and Regulation

Greater understanding of the forms and consequences of investment and disinvestment in the extractive industries is required as a result of capitalist expansion, recent declines in global commodity prices, and claims that extractive sector projects, especially in the global south, are poverty reduction projects. This book explores emergent forms of governance in mining and extractive industry projects around the world.

Chapters examine efforts to govern extractive activities across multiple political scales, through intermediaries, instruments, technologies, discourses, and infrastructures. The contributions analyse how multiple micro-processes of rule reverberate through societies to shape the material conditions of everyday life but also politics, social relations, and subjectivities in extractive economies. Detailed case studies are included from Africa (Chad, Nigeria, Rwanda, and São Tomé and Príncipe), Latin America (Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru), and the UN Climate Conference.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Governing in the Extractive Industries: An Introduction

Lori Leonard and Siba N. Grovogui

1. Tendencies in Tension: Resource Governance and Social Contradictions in Contemporary Bolivia Tom Perreault

2. Mining, Criminalization, and the Right to Protest: Everyday Constructions of the Post-Neoliberal Ecuadorian State Emily Billo

3. Preserving Illusions: The Rule of Law and Legitimacy under the Chad Pipeline Project Siba N. Grovogui

4. "We Own This Oil": Artisanal Refineries, Extractive Industries and the Politics of Oil in Nigeria Omolade Adunbi

5. Converting Threats to Power: Methane Extraction in Lake Kivu, Rwanda Kristin Doughty

6. Politics in the Public Sphere: ENGOs and Oil Companies in the International Climate Negotiations, 1987-2001 Simone Pulver

7. Preventing the Resource Curse: Ethnographic Notes on an Economic Experiment Gisa Weszkalnys

8. Illness, Compensation, and Claims for Justice: Lessons from the Choropampa Mercury Spill Fabiana Li

9. Wars of Words: Experts, Oil, and Environmental Governance in Chad Lori Leonard

10. Post-Script: Mapping Neo-Extractive Frontiers across Africa and Latin America Brenda Chalfin