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International Day of Forests-Teaching kids about the endless benefits of forests

Teaching kids about the endless benefits of forests  can never start too early and one can make it a fun too. How Forests and Education can make a difference and learn to love forests. The 2019 theme for the International Day of Forests is ‘Forests and Education’  and we want the world to know how we  can educate children and youth about the importance of trees and forests. Today, when more than half the world’s population lives in cities and are increasingly disconnected from nature, it is more essential than ever to bring an understanding and awareness of forests and their benefits into children’s lives at an early age.

Helping children connect with nature creates future generations conscious of the benefits of trees and forests and the need to manage them sustainably. For some children, forests are a direct source of food, wood and shelter, and part of their everyday lives. Other children can discover forests in classrooms and forest schools, by spending guided time in forests and urban parks, or by learning about trees growing in cities and gardens. 

The world's largest environmental education organisation , Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)  recognised by UNESCO as a world-leader within the fields of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development has developed special programmes among which Learning More about Forests, which advocates outdoor learning and hands-on experiences which result in the pupils getting a deeper and more involved understanding of the natural world.

If you want to know how the Foundation for Environmental Education is implementing and working with the SDGs through its programmes, please have a look at the document FEE and the SDGs. 

Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools programme – it starts in the classroom and expands to the community by engaging the next generation in action-based learning. This year, Eco-Schools celebrates 25 years of excellence in the field of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development.

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