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The International Journal on Green Growth and Development, Volume 3, Issue 1: Africa and Green Growth

The "International Journal on Green Growth and Development" is an effort to stir a debate around emerging ‘green’ concepts and development. The publication aims at building knowledge through stakeholder engagement on policy-relevant issues to understand the many facets of green growth and development. It is a step towards a forward-looking knowledge process for new opportunities linked with sustainable growth and development. The journal showcases new research through peer-reviewed articles, opinions, and innovative practices. The new journal builds on the previously published Green Growth and Development Quarterly. 

This thematic issue voices interdisciplinary analyses, policy interventions and grassroots initiatives on green growth and development in Africa. The issue draws on these divergent voices not only to advance diversity of perspectives but also to bridge the gap between theory and praxis. Through stakeholder engagement (scholar, civil society and governments) on policy relevant issues, this initiative seeks to facilitate a discussion on the many facets of green growth and development. The issue seeks to not only facilitate a critical thinking around notions like 'Africa is rising' and 'African renaissance' but also seeks to discuss 'responses' in Africa from grassroots as well as policy.


  • Environmental Policy and Practice in Kenya: Between Cornucopians and Neo-Malthusians 1
  • India–Africa Relations and Challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa 21
  • Co-existence of Genetically Modified and Non-GM Crops: Implications for Africa 41
  • Climate Change and Dietary Implications: Insights from Sub-Saharan Africa 49
  • The Role of Culture in African Renaissance, Integration, and Sustainable Development 59


  • The Green Belt Movement’s Bamboo Biomass Entrepreneurship Project 67
  • Kufunda Learning Village: Recovering the Human Spirit for Health and Wholeness 71
  • Barefoot Women Solar Engineers: An Initiative having Impact in Africa 75
  • Africa’s Energy Revolution from the Ground Up 83
  • Women-led Social Enterprises: Trade and Impact Movement 87
  • Can South Africa Strike the Balance between ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Development’? 89
  • The Basket as Bridge – Weaving Human Exchange 93


  • Zimbabwe’s Actions towards Climate Resilience and Low Carbon Development 101
  • Rwanda Demonstrating the Impact of Well-Managed Climate Finance 107


  • Children and Climate Change in Zimbabwe Study 113
  • African Forum and Network on Debt and Development: Natural Resources and Financing Development 119


  • Global Goals, African Realities: Building a Sustainable Future for All 123