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International Land Deals for Agriculture - Fresh insights from the Land Matrix

Around the world, 26.7 million hectares of agricultural land have been transferred into the hands of foreign investors since the year 2000.

This means that these investors possess approximately 2 per cent of the arable land worldwide, or roughly the equivalent to the total area covered by United Kingdom and Slovenia together.

This finding comes from Land Matrix's newest report  "Land Matrix Analytical Report II: International Land Deals for Agriculture".

The report provides detailed information on who is buying up farmland in which regions of the world and how this land is being used. It also highlights the economic, social, and political impacts of land investments.

Land acquisitions continue to be an important trend

Large-scale land acquisitions continue to be an important issue for governments, development organisations, NGOs and farmers’ organisations all over the world; this remains the case even in times of global economic slowdown, recession and crisis. The scale of this trend and its significant impacts on rural transformation and livelihoods make it necessary to further monitor, observe and positively influence such deals wherever possible.

The Land Matrix strives to contribute to the overall debate by providing better information on planned and implemented large-scale land acquisitions and to stimulate a more transparent and inclusive debate.