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Land Open access journal: Special Issue "Land Degradation and Sustainable Land Management"

Land degradation is a major threat to ecosystem functioning and services. Its negative impact locally coupled with off side environmental and social effects presents a major challenge for communities both on local and global levels. Climate change brings additional uncertainty to the dynamics of the land system, regarding biophysical transformations as well as social impacts.

Causes and forms of land degradation are diverse and answers have to be tailor-made accordingly. Site-specific solutions to achieve sustainable management of land span from conservation tillage practices on arable land to best practices of green infrastructure installation in urban and peri-urban environments, just to name some examples.

To this special issue, the editors invite to submit original papers dealing with land degradation and sustainable land management in local, regional continental or global scale. Concept papers with case study demonstrations and review articles are also welcome.

Papers presenting research results on the following topics are particularly welcome:

  • Land degradation neutrality: mapping, measuring, monitoring
  • Soil threats and land amelioration
  • Soil sealing, land take and optimization of land use along with alternative solutions
  • Land recycling
  • Sustainable soil management practices
  • Sustainable intensification
  • Climate change and land degradation including LULUCF
  • Spatial decision support systems for land use and land management
  • Economic and societal aspects of land degradation


  • Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN)
  • land take
  • soil threats
  • land use planning
  • climate
  • sustainable land use
  • economic impact, social challenges

Published Papers

This special issue is now open for submission. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2021. For details related to papers submission , please click on the source link.

Further reading on available resources related to land degradation,  Land degradation neutrality, sustainable land management drylands, drought and more from UNCCD LIBRARY 

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