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Land Open access journal: Special Issue "Migration and Land"

Migration and land processes have numerous connections. Migration involves different origins and destinations, can be rural or urban, national or international, and can consist of different groups of peoples moving for different reasons and over different timespans. This diversity results in complex and uneven land–migration coupling mediated by social, political, and economic conditions.

This Special Issue aims to bring together work at the land–migration interface with conceptual contributions, case studies from around the world, and new insights to enhance the understanding of land–migration relationships.

Papers focusing on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • migration resulting in land use and land cover changes in origin or destination locations;
  • displacement from land or land-based resources leading to migration;
  • land transitions or consolidations that precipitate either in- or out-migration;
  • amenity migration and land change;
  • intersections of migration with land tenure, land governance, and environmental conflicts;
  • land system telecoupling through migration and remittance flows;
  • conditions enabling shared spaces in the context of migration;
  • south–south migration and its distinct relationships to land;
  • how gendered migration relates to land and land change.
  • Deadline for manuscript submissions: closed (30 October 2020).

The first 7 articles pubished:

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