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Land Tenure and Rights for Improved Land Management and Sustainable Development

This working paper explores how land tenure systems in different ecosystems and bio-cultural regions around the world are linked to land degradation or sustainable land management. It is against this backdrop that five major issues surrounding land tenure, and rights for improved land management and sustainable development, are addressed; these are:

Problems associated with land ownership (titling, tenure and customary rights); 

  • The current trend of policy and regulatory regimes within land law;
  • The status and challenges of land administration and institutions;
  • Marginalization of some social groups, such as women, local communities and indigenous people;
  • Violation of land rights, for instance, via land grabbing;
  • Land distribution and land reform processes; and
  • Types of land conflicts and disputes, and corresponding resolution mechanisms.


Global Land Outlook Working Paper "Land Tenure and Rights for Improved Land Management and Sustainable Development" Emmanuel Kasimbazi













Read more  about Global Land Outlook (GLO) Working Paper Series

The GLO Working Papers Series is a supplementary set of publications that cover a wide variety of strategic issues related to land management and planning. The series aims to provide an expanded format as well as an additional vehicle for those authors invited to contribute to the GLO main report. 

A number of working papers were commissioned to provide insights and analysis on the major themes addressed in this first edition of the GLO. The series is expected to be an ongoing activity that will contribute to successive Outlooks.