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Land Value Chains

The Agrifood business (production, processing, transportation, and commercialization to final consumers) has changed dramatically in the last fifty years. Rather than being carried out via linear supply chains, agrifood business is now conducted in complex networks spanning the globe. It can, in other words, be said that modern agrifood business is conducted under the form of Global Value Chains (GVC).

The main characteristic of a GVC is a fragmented production of goods and products across borders. An agrifood GVC can be defined as either buyer-driven or producer-driven. The former is led by supermarkets, whereas the latter, by manufacturers. In between, there are key intermediaries such as large traders. These lead companies wield most of the power within the agrifood GVC. 


Global Land Outlook Working Paper "Land Value Chains", Giancarlo Raschio














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The GLO Working Papers Series is a supplementary set of publications that cover a wide variety of strategic issues related to land management and planning. The series aims to provide an expanded format as well as an additional vehicle for those authors invited to contribute to the GLO main report. 

A number of working papers were commissioned to provide insights and analysis on the major themes addressed in this first edition of the GLO. The series is expected to be an ongoing activity that will contribute to successive Outlooks.