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LandMark is the first online, interactive global platform to provide maps and other critical information on lands that are held and used by Indigenous Peoples and communities. The platform aims to raise awareness, engage audiences, and help these people protect their land rights. Shining a light on indigenous and community land reduces the likelihood that irregular acquisitions and expropriations go unnoticed, and helps protect the livelihoods and well-being of billions of rural people.

Did you know that :

1. LandMark shows that 78.9 percent of Africa’s land mass is held by Indigenous Peoples and communities under customary tenure.

2. About 21 percent is formally recognized, while the remaining 57.9 percent is not. For example, in Australia, LandMark shows that formally recognized aboriginal land rights cover 32.5 percent of the national land mass, while pending land claims cover an additional 41.6 percent.

3. LandMark also shows that the tenure laws in many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are stronger than those in some developed nations.

While strong legislation alone will not secure tenure, weak legal protection is a central reason why Indigenous Peoples and communities are losing their land and sometimes their lives. Explore the LandMark interactive map