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Liaison Energie - Francophonie : special issue on desertification

In the preoccupying context of land degradation – worsened by climatic variations, population growth and unsustainable ways of productions – leading to insecurity, we need to show innovation to give an answer to the current challenges and to give hope to the affected people. Among these answers, we can develop some new basis for action by improving the understanding of the links between land degradation, migration and radicalization thanks to scientific research; and we can support the big African initiatives such as the “Great Green Wall” for Sahara and Sahel and the 3S Initiative (Sustainability, Stability, Security). ( Monique Barbut UNCCD Executive secretary) Read the whole article on page 15 and more:

At the heart of the COP 13 will be the building on great achievements such as the guiding principle of Land Degradation neutrality (LDN) – that will help achieve SDG 15.3 and contribute massively to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and national commitments. The UNCCD is also supporting several African initiatives such as the 2016 Drought Conference in Namibia and the Initiative for “Sustainability, Stability and Security in Africa” launched by Senegal and Morocco during the 2016 Convention on Climate Change in Marrakech. Follow the full text articles by Louise Baker, Sandrine Jauffret, Boubacar Cisse, Lindsay Stringer and more in the Liaison Energie - Francophonie : special issue on desertification