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Measuring Agribusiness Competitiveness: An Application to African Countries

Agribusiness has a major role to play in transforming the agriculture sector in Africa. Increasing demand for high-value food products around the world, the production and export of these goods represents an opportunity to increase both income and employment. To capture the benefits of this trend and capitalize on this opportunity, agribusiness in Africa must become more competitive.

In addition to improving competitiveness, increasing agricultural productivity and food security are also major challenges in African agricultural development. In this chapter, we develop an indicator for agribusiness competitiveness that enables objective comparison across countries and time.

This comparison will also benefit policy makers to make strategic decisions on value chain development. Additionally, we present policy implications and lessons for increasing the competitiveness of agribusiness in African countries.

A chapter from Africa’s Competitiveness in the Global Economy pp 169-193, Part of the AIB Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Series book series (AIBSSA)