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Migration for Adaptation: A Guidebook to Integrate Migration and Translocality into Community-Based Adaptation

The new guidebook seeks to address a gap in the awareness and understanding of migration potentials and risks. It provides a theoretical framework and practical tools for assessing the impact of migration and translocality on the outcomes of development work at the local level and beyond and suggests activities for shaping migration outcomes positively. Thus, it can be a valuable resource in bringing the migration for adaptation concept into (trans-)local community development work.

Promboon Panitchpakdi highlighted that the guide is not meant to be an end product but should open up a new dimension for planning. Simon Peth from the TransRe Project further emphasized the guide’s flexibility: “The Migration for Adaptation Guidebook isn't a bible. For those working on issues of gender, for example, this can be integrated into different tools, such as the migration mapping." The guide hence provides communities with new perspectives, ideas and tools, which can be refined and adapted to local issues and needs.