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Migration, environment and climate change: Responding via climate change adaptation policy

With the advance of climate change and environmental changes threatening livelihoods, their impacts on migration and displacement are receiving increasing attention in research, politics, and civil society. The issue is complex and multi-dimensional, with environmental changes affecting human mobility in diverse ways. The three reports in this series thus evaluate the evidence base for policymaking, and provide entry points for responses in the field of climate change adaptation.

This third report provides policymakers working in climate change adaptation policy with entry points for integrating responses to human mobility into their work. It offers preliminary conclusions about how they can strengthen responses to environmental migration in the context of recent developments in international climate policy and finance, as well as other international processes, such as the Global Compact for Migration, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Platform on Disaster Displacement.

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This first report reviews the literature’s key findings to date and provides an overview of theoretical and empirical research into the linkages between environmental stressors – including climate change – and human mobility.

This second report focuses on the impacts of migration, environment and climate change, and explores four of the main ways in which environmental change and migration are linked to date. The analysis also includes consideration of how these impact types might develop in the future.

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