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New article: African crop production trends are insufficient to guarantee food security in the sub-Saharan region by 2050 owing to persistent poverty

To meet the future food demand, supply should be increased. Crop production in Africa is projected to increase in the future. However, can the crop production trends guarantee future food security? For illustrative analyses, cereal was used on the assumption, following a recent study, that the changes in its production are representative of those for other major food crops.

By 2050, poverty will still be at significant levels thereby strongly causing food insecurity in many of the African countries (especially from the sub-Saharan region). To ensure food security, it is recommended that yield gap closure should be supplemented with an improvement of access to markets for smallholder farmers, and promotion of income generating activities outside farming. Furthermore, disparity in initiatives of regional and national scales should be addressed, and the differences in priorities across various sub-sectors of farming in each country and Africa as a whole must be minimized.

Food Security October 2018, Volume 10, Issue 5, pp 1203–1219