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New report highlights the business case for investing in soil health

The Business Case for Investing in Soil Healthshows how companies around the world are beginning to address the issue and identifies the next steps for scaling-up action and investment in soil health. 

Soil health is a pressing global issue that sits at the heart of three UN conventions (UNCBD, UNCCD and UNFCCC). There is an urgent need to mobilize nature-based solutions to address the challenges of climate change. Global soils contain two to three times more carbon than the atmosphere – however, by working with nature and improving soil health, increased carbon sequestration can help to reduce emissions and withstand some of the unavoidable effects of climate change. 

Today’s report shows that the business case for investing in soils is diverse. It can include maintaining or increasing revenues, reducing or avoiding costs, enhancing reputation, or opening up finance opportunities.

"In 2017, the Land Degradation Neutrality Fund was launched by the UNCCD to leverage USD $300 million to support private sector projects that combat land degradation, sequester carbon and improve livelihoods. Also in 2017, following the Koronivia decision on agriculture at COP23, soils are due to become part of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and a key part of the global response to climate change. This builds on the momentum of the 4 per 1,000 initiative to increase soil carbon storage."(page7)

"The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through its target 15.3, for example, promotes achieving a Land Degradation Neutral world, with Soil Organic Carbon as one of the key indicators for monitoring. As of today, 119 countries have made the political commitment to translate this global goal into their national policy frameworks, set national voluntary targets and implement associated measures with the support of the UNCCD Target Setting Programme(60)" In 2017, theLand Degradation Neutrality Fund(LDN Fund) was launched with the support of UNCCD. The LDN Fund is an impact investment fund blending resources from the public, private and philanthropic sectors in support of achieving LDN. (page 27)

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