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New Report Sets Targets for Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems

A new report from the EAT-Lancet Commission for Food, Planet, and Health offers first-ever scientific targets for global diets and sustainable food production. It provides a customizable, universal guideline for healthy eating and a consensus on the urgency of food system change. Using an approach that examines the food system as a whole, the report determines whether food security and environmental sustainability can exist within the same system.

"Transformation to healthy diets by 2050 will require substantial dietary shifts. Global consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes will have to double, and consumption of foods such as red meat and sugar will have to be reduced by more than 50%. A diet rich in plant-based foods and with fewer animal source foods confers both improved health and environmental benefits.While this diet can help prevent health risks like heart disease, diabetes, and premature mortality, it also can benefit the environment by diminishing carbon dioxide emissions, and preventing biodiversity loss, land loss, and water pollution".

The EAT-Lancet Commission sets quantifiable, scientific targets for food system change. These measures—like reducing yield gaps by 75 percent, limiting biodiversity loss to less than ten extinctions per million species per year, and creating a downward trend for food system carbon dioxide emissions before 2020—they hope, will return the food system to within planetary limits, guaranteeing a stable and safe environment. The EAT-Lancet Commission works with civil society, policy makers, and purpose-driven businesses to attain these targets.

EAT-Lancet Commission Summary Report. This report was prepared by EAT and is an adapted summary of the Commission Food in The Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets From Sustainable Food Systems

EAT is the science-based global platform for food system transformation

Food and Land-Use Coalition. FOLU is a self-governing coalition composed of over 30 organizations established to transform the global food and land use systems

read the Summary report "Food Planet Health" (English)

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